History of Clague Playhouse

The Clague Playhouse had its origin in a small community theater group begun by the Bay Village Women's Club in 1928. The group was known as the Bay Village Players, and performed in any place they could - barns, church basements, school gyms or auditoriums, or any other space they could find.
In the summer of 1967, it was learned that the former Clague home in Westlake’s Clague Park might be made available for rent, along with the nearby barn. The Bay Village Players and the newly formed Westlake Historical Society met with Mayor Roman and a compromise lease arrangement was made. Under the terms of the two leases, the Players, having been re-named the Clague Playhouse, and the Westlake Historical Society would have joint use of the Clague House. On November 30, 1967, the Playhouse performed Sunday in New York to a packed “barn” of dignitaries, inaugurating the new 85-seat intimate theater.
After many successful seasons, of five plays each season, the Playhouse suffered a serious setback in 1986. Water damage caused the barn to be closed for major renovations. After playing in local schools, churches, etc. for five years, the sweat and hard work to renovate and restore the theater was accomplished for the opening of the 64th season on October 4, 1991 with the Cleveland-area premiere of a new musical, Closer Than Ever.
On May 18, 1996, Mayor Clough, the Board of Directors, and members of Clague Playhouse gathered for the ground breaking ceremony for the 20’ by 70’ addition. The addition, dedicated on October 20, 1996 now houses our props, costumes, scene shop and a multi-purpose/dressing room.
Recent renovations include a custom designed Box Office and lobby area due to generous donations from Vera Mang’s family, Patricia McRoberts and George & Joanne Theis.
Throughout its history, Clague Playhouse has been truly a community theater. We are a non-profit organization served by countless hours of volunteer help. The membership of the Playhouse is made up of individuals from all walks of life. This varied membership elects a Board of Directors, who see to the overall operations of the theater. As we begin our 87th season, we are reminded “Because of you, our tradition continues…”
Clague Playhouse, Inc.
photos by James Ely
Our 2009-2010 season.
Our 2010-2011 season.
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Our 2012-2013 season.
The Psychic
written by Sam Bobrick 
directed by Skip Corris 
September 13 - October 6, 2013
The Psychic follows the chaotic life of Adam Webster, a down-on-his-luck writer, who has put a sign in his apartment window, in desperation to make the rent: “Psychic Readings $25.”  The sign soon draws the interest of the lovely and conflicted Laura, her shady husband, Roy, Roy’s mistress, Rita, a gangster named Johnny Bubbles, and ace Detective Norris Coslow.  In the surprising twists that follow, The Psychic entangles Adam in a hilarious murder mystery that you won’t want to miss!   
Neil Donnelly
Jenny Erbs
Marylee Gotch
Jeremy Jenkins
Dennis Runkle
Tim Walsh
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A Broadway
Christmas Carol  
written by Kathy Feininger 
directed by Marc Moritz
music direction by Ryan Bergeron
choreography by Lora Workman 
November 8 - December 8, 2013
A Broadway Christmas Carol returns to delight audiences again this year.  The script follows Charles Dickens’ classic tale and includes an unexpected mix of Broadway show tune parodies.  It’s laugh-out-loud, roll-in-the-aisles funny.  Creator Kathy Feininger only gets serious when talking about Dickens. “We’re very reverent towards Charles Dickens,” she once noted. Reverent, however, does not mean dull.
Sean Cahill
Bernadette Hisey
Derrick Winger
- Holiday capers on area stage (WeSTLIFE/Art Thomas)
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 written by Michael Hollinger  
directed by Anne McEvoy 
January 10 - February 2, 2014

Novelist Franklin Woolsey dies mid-sentence, but his secretary Myra continues to take dictation. Attacked by skeptics, the press and Woolsey’s jealous widow, Myra sets out to prove she is more than just an artful forger. Is she trying to steal Woolsey’s legacy now that she cannot have his love, or might she truly possess a gift the world can’t understand? 
Meg Parish
Laura Starnik
Lou Will
Laura Starnik, Lou Will and Meg Parish
Lost in Yonkers
written by Neil Simon
directed by Tyson Douglas Rand
March 7 - 30, 2014
America’s great comic playwright, set the first of his autobiographical plays in 1942.  Bella is 35 years old, mentally challenged and living at home with her mother, stern Grandma Kurnitz. Then ne’r-do-well son Eddie deposits his two young sons on the doorstep. He is financially strapped and taking to the road as a salesman. The boys are left to contend with Grandma, with Bella and her secret romance, and with a small-time hoodlum, Uncle Louie, in a strange new world called Yonkers.
Chris Bizub
Elaine Feagler
Jake Ingrassia
Elliot Lockshine
Jeff Lockshine
Lisa Margevicius
Meg Parish
Cast & Crew:
front:  Mary Kahelin-Lights/Sound, Marylee Gotch, Jenny Snyder and Jeff Lockshine-Light Designer  back: Jeremy Jenkins, Richie Lynch-Stage Manager/Assistant to Director, Dennis Runkle, Skip Corris-Director, Ellyn Kilpatrick-Prop Manager, Neil Donnelly and Tim Walsh
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Sean Cahill, Derrick Winger & Bernadette Hisey
front - Elliot Lockshine as Arty, Meg Parish as Grandma Kurnitz and Elaine Feagler as Aunt Bella  back- Jake Ingrassia as Jay, Jeff Lockshine as Eddie, Lisa Margevicius as Aunt Gert and Chris Bizub as Uncle Louie
The Fox on the Fairway cast:  (left to right): Donna Case as Pamela, Margy Haas as Muriel, Debbie Lenarz as Louise, Lance Switzer as Dickie, Lou Will as Bingham and Jeremy Jenkins as Justin
written by Ken Ludwig
directed by Ron Newell
May 2-25, 2014
The Fox On the Fairway takes audiences on a hilarious romp that pulls the rug out from underneath the stuffy denizens of a private country club. Filled with mistaken identities, slamming doors, and over-the-top romantic shenanigans, it’s a furiously paced comedy that recalls the Marx Brothers’ classics. A charmingly madcap adventure about love, life, and man’s eternal love affair with...golf. 
Donna Case
Margy Haas
Jeremy Jenkins
Debbie Lenarz
Lance Switzer
Lou Will
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