Friday, October 11, 2019 at 7 p.m.   SOLD OUT!!

Due to popular demand, we are able to offer an additional event.

Mary Ann Winkowski was born in Cleveland, Ohio and has been communicating with earthbound spirits for most of her life. Her earliest memories include talking to spirits of the deceased as if they were living people and helping these entities cross over into the White Light.
Over the course of her work as a paranormal investigator, Mary Ann’s reputation has spread. She is a consultant to the CBS hit television show Ghost Whisperer, has appeared on numerous TV and radio news programs, and spoken at countless lectures.
Mary Ann shows the human side of the paranormal — stories about ghosts told from the perspectives of the ghosts themselves – and teaches us how we can coexist peaceably with the spirits that surround us.
The presentation will be followed by a reception during which she will have items available for sale.