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General Info

All auditions begin at 7:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.  No appointment is required.  Auditions are held at Clague Playhouse, 1371 Clague Road, Westlake.
Please bring current photo or headshot along with your resume.
Please complete our online Audition Form.   When completed, please print and bring with you to the audition.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script.  A limited number of perusal scripts for all shows are available for 3 days at the Clague Playhouse Box Office for a $10 refundable deposit.  All perusal scripts must be returned by the Saturday before the audition.

Auditions for our 2019-2020 Season

An Act of the Imagination
A Who Dun-It with a twist by Bernard Slade

Auditions: Tuesday, November 26 at 6:00pm and Wednesday, November 27 at 7:00pm
3 men, 4 women
Show Dates: March 13 – April 5, 2020
Directed by Rose Leininger

Arthur Putnam – mid to late 50’s unromantic looking, appealing eccentric
Julia Putnam – mid to late 40’s – beautiful, warm, and graceful
Simon Putnam- mid 20’s impetuous, attractive and very charming
Detective Sergeant Fred Burchitt – mid 50’s or older, friendly and sincere
Holly Adams- mid 20’s, vivacious, pretty, enthusiastic
Brenda Simmons – late 20’s, off-beat, pretty, unpredictable, slightly unkept
Brooks Carmichael – 30’s, beautiful with an unforced elegance and charm
English dialects will be encouraged.
The Story:  This who dun-it play centers around a successful mystery writer novelist who has written a manuscript that is not of his usual genre.  Once he gets his wife’s approval of the adulterous romance novel, things begin to happen.

A Musical Comedy

Pump Boys and Dinettes

Auditions: Sunday, February 2 and Tuesday, February 4 with callbacks on Wednesday, February 5 at 7:00pm
4 men, 2 women
Show Dates: May 8 – 31, 2020
Director/Music Director: Mike Caraffi

The Story:  The “Pump Boys” sell high octane on Highway 57 in Grand Ole Opry country and the “Dinettes”, Prudie and Rhetta Cupp, run the Double Cupp diner next door. Together they fashion an evening of country western songs that received unanimous raves on and off-Broadway. With heartbreak and hilarity, they perform on guitars, piano, bass and, yes, kitchen utensils.

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