by Arlitia Jones
Directed by Anne McEvoy
Show Dates: May 3-26, 2019

In the final play of our season, history meets mystery as the intriguing account of real-life spirit photographer, William H. Mumler unfolds. Mumler, a popular photographer in the post-Civil War era (when the country was mourning the loss of over 620,000 Americans,) built his reputation on his ability to capture images of departed loved ones in the pictures he took of the living who made their way to his studio. Mumler is aided by his mysterious wife and business is thriving…until they come under the scrutiny of Inspector Tooker who’s determined to expose the couple as the charlatans he believes them to be. But when Tooker sees the photograph Mumler’s taken of him, things get a bit more complicated for the inspector…and a whole lot more interesting for the audience.

You’ll want to get your tickets early for this haunting little play that brings history to life, adding its own theatrical twists and turns along the way.

Our Cast:

“An engaging and unique historical drama with a supernatural bent.” Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

photos by Terry Schordock