Upcoming Red Barn Youth Theater production – –

Christmas Shorts

by Lucy Williams

Directed by Dr. Greg Dziama

Friday, December 16 through Sunday, December 18 – currently sold out!

There’s something for everyone in this one-act holiday delight! You’ll find everything here, from kids writing letters to Santa, to the big guy getting ready for Christmas himself, to a bunch of elves who accidentally rip Santa’s gift bag at the last minute. (Don’t worry, Mrs. Claus can fix it!) There’s a sports segment featuring the 845th annual Reindeer Games and a holiday quiz show featuring Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and the Ghost of Christmas Future. A soap opera, As the North Pole Turns, a news segment from the North Pole News, and some Christmas-themed commercials round out this fun seasonal comedy.
Our cast:
Chloe Alvis
Brynne Bennett
Flora Brown
Harper Brown
Sienna Butler
Brady Cantrall
Finnley Cantrall

Penelope Chin-Albert
Mckenna Coleman
Reece Cottle
Eva Feldkircher
Eden Garcia
Arabella Giaco
Rebecca Hill
Jake Hunter
Maggie Hunter
Maddyn Lacki
Tessa Macias
Libby Marcinek
Kennedy Minear
Charlotte Motelka
Amanda Shi
Charlie Shi

Performances on Friday and Saturday at 7pm, and Sunday 2pm.

Previous Red Barn Youth Theater Productions…

Red Barn Youth Theater – July 2022

Snow White Lite by Jacob Dorn
In this easy, breezy adaptation of the classic fairy tale, the FIVE dwarves don’t need help with cooking or cleaning, so they hand Snow White a plunger and put her to work. When the wicked Queen, disguised in Groucho glasses, tries to finish her off, a quick response from Prince Heimlich saves her, and the day! Featured in our cast are Chloe Alvis, Harper Brown, Penelope Chancellia Chin-Albert, Eden Garcia, Jake Hunter, Kendall Maggie Hunter, Kennedy Minear, Rebecca Newton, Cece Pisanelli.  Directed by Richie Lynch

~ and ~

High-Rise High Jinks by Ken Preuss
In this comedy, you’ll discover that apartment living can be complex and full of surprises through these five short plays about folks living in the same high-rise building.  Featured in the cast are Jake Hunter, Sarah Kamrass, Scarlett Loach, Kennedy Minear, Ricky Schuler with special guest appearances by Greg Dziama and Richard Lynch.  Directed by Greg Dziama


Click here for a copy of the Red Barn Youth Theater July 2022 program

Red Barn Youth Theater & Show Choir Holiday Show – Dec. 2019

The Show Choir will offer up their beautiful voices in song and then they will ask the audience to assist them in singing traditional Christmas carols.
Our Show Choir Members:
Sarah Kamrass, Ava Rohan, Camryn Stewart, Genevieve Vancisin, Lola Weston
Jingle Bells Jury by Jay Moriarty features 20 actors in a delightful court room romp, during which a boy, who seems to have lost the Christmas spirit, is brought before the court in an attempt to rekindle his enthusiasm for the holiday. And the audience, who acts as the jury, helps in the proceedings!
Our cast:
Molly Adomaites, Fiona Burke, Lily Conroy, Addie Dietrich, Savannah Doty, Madison Garver, Jake Gilbride, Olivia Heberlein, Jake Hunter, Avery Junkins, Scarlett Loach, Juan Mendoza, Audrey Morrison, Reilly O’Donnell, Imani Price, Nia Price, Anna Rendziak, Ava Rohan, Brielle Rugar, Ricky Schuler, Amanda Shi, Charlie Shi, JohnPaul Zorc

Red Barn Youth Theater – July 2019

Pajama Party

by Anne Coulter Martens
Directed by Richie Lynch
About the Play: It starts off as the usual slumber party, complete with a scary ghost story and a parade of pajama costumes. Then a police car starts prowling the neighborhood in search of the Blue Light Burglar. And then comes the mystery girl!
Our cast:
Laurie Doty, Samantha Doty, Savannah Doty, Madison Garver, Olivia Heberlein, Sara Kamrass, Avalon McLaughlin, Aaryaa More, Reilly O’Donnell, Anna Prugh, Eve Prugh

A Guide to the Teenage Zone

by Claudia Haas
Directed by Greg Dziama
About the Play: This is a light-hearted look at young teenagers who are still part child, yet emerging adults. A guide leads us into the everyday world of a group of 12 to17 teenagers starting early in the morning. We follow them to school, back home again and end with late-night phone calls reviewing events of the day as a new dawn approaches. In eight rich scenes, we see sophisticated, yet simple interactive relationships working together: Good Morning!, The Bus Stop, Homeroom, First Period, Lunch, The Bus Ride, The Afternoon, and Evenings and Telephones. Sometimes teens that seem a bit uninterested in their current life circumstance emerge as late bloomers. Regardless, teens come up with brilliant ideas and questions about life as they grow into adulthood. This play highlights some of this transition.
Our cast:
Molly Adomaites, Lily Conroy, Jake Gilbride, Olivia Heberlein, Cici Hijaz, Nicholas Hudson, Scarlett Loach, Anna Rendziak, Ava Ronan, Matthew Sherban, Jackson West, Stephanie Zucker

Barnraisers Youth Chorus & Red Barn Youth Theater Holiday Show – Dec. 2018

The BARNRAISERS: CLAGUE PLAYHOUSE YOUTH CHORUS, under the direction of Michelle Cha, presented a concert featuring some recent popular theater and movie numbers, as well as many popular Christmas songs. This chorus not only delighted you with their voices but also with their choreography.

Our chorus members:
Mallory Alvarez, Emerson Gray, Grace Mackin, Alexis Nelan, Benji Nguyen, Sammy Nguyen, Jeremy Roberts, MacKenzie Strukelj, Annika Thomas, Corinne Wilson, Cami Wilson

Following the chorus, our new RED BARN YOUTH THEATER presented a Christmas Play entitled In Search of Critma by Natalie Ashanin and directed by Dr. Greg Dziama. This One-Act play featured students from our Project Link program.

Our cast:
Bridget Chandler-Holtz as Mrs. Ames
Emerson Gray as Mr. Ames
Jacob Matthew Hunter as Mike Ames/Angel
Renee LeVeck as Kathy/Mary
Layla Macias as Linda/Angel
Tessa Macias as Tammy/Shepherd
Reilly O’Donnell as Sandy Ames
Anna Rendziak as Alice/Eve
Henry Slaby as Sammy/Prophet
Amanda Shi as Gromka Govarit
Charlie Shi as Bobby/Joseph
Lilith Toke as Susie Ames
A.J. Wansack as Jack/Adam
Abigail Wheeler as Professor Glimmerglass Glurk


Barnstormers: Workshop for Aspiring Young Playwrights – July 2017

Guided by Greg Dziama, Margy Haas, Sheila Drain and Dave Cockley, our 4 students: Hayden Atzberger, Philip Sutherland, Emerah Myslenski, Gus Priemer wrote and performed in 4 one-act plays:

AVERAGE JOE  by Hayden Atzberger, directed by Sarah Blubaugh
DEBT by Philip Sutherland, directed by Kelsey Jones
HAMLET: AN ESSAY by Emerah Myslenski, directed by Sarah Blubaugh
WHAT CAN YOU DO?  by Gus Priemer, directed by Kelsey Jones

They were assisted by Sarah Blubaugh, Jessica Filkill, Kelsey Jones, and Carolyn Riedel.  Congrats to our young playwrights on their hard work. Photos are from performance night #1: