September 2016 – June 2017

summer 1What I Did Last Summer

by A. R. Gurney
September 23 – October 16, 2016

Directed by Ron Newell

A warm-hearted coming of age play set in a posh vacation colony on the shores of Lake Erie in 1945.  The story centers around Charlie, a rebellious fourteen-year-old, during the summer before going off to boarding school in the fall.  But after working as a handy man for Anna, a local, free-spirited artist who encourages Charlie, a showdown between Charlie’s conservative mother and Anna ensues.  A clash of philosophies and thinking bring this story to a head.

“A. R. Gurney’s latest and most compelling sojourn into the discreet heart of America’s leisure class–the world which has continued to expose with fondness, witt and biting accuracy.”   
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Our Cast:

Photos by Terry Schordock

plaidso3-1Plaid Tidings

Holiday Edition of Forever Plaid

by Stuart Ross
November 18 – December 18, 2016

Original FOREVER PLAID vocal and musical arrangements by JAMES RAITT


Musical Continuity and Supervision
By David Snyder


Directed by Michael Larochelle

Music Direction by David Bird

The favorite foursome of Forever Plaid return from heaven to put on yet another performance and bring harmony to our troubled world.  Frankie, Sparky, Smudge and Jinx spin their songs with some of their own versions of the old holiday classics including a Caribbean favorite which puts the “Day-O” in “Excelsis!”  A fun, feel-good holiday evening for everyone, complete with a condensed version of the Ed Sullivan show.

“A delightful two hours of madcap humor, sublime harmonies and enough seasonal show tunes done in a doo-wop style to get any grinch’s toes tapping.”  – Mariana Howard, NY Theater Guide

Our Cast:

Photos by Terry Schordock

Read a review from Mark Horning/Talkin’ Broadway

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Love From A Stranger
by Frank Vosper
Based on a story by Agatha Christie
January 20 – February 12, 2017

Directed by Douglas Farren

Cecily’s fiance is out of the country when she wins a big sweepstakes prize and she decides to postpone the wedding to go on a European trip.  During her travels, she meets Bruce, who wins her over, marries her and takes her to his out-of-the-way cottage.  However, Bruce is not the charming gentleman he appears to be.  Instead he is a homicidal maniac, resolved to murder his new wife, just as he has murdered several other women before her.  When a series of circumstances leads Cecily to realize the ghastly fact, she finds herself caught like a rat in a trap, unsure how she will escape.

“Dame Agatha Christie is, by any standard, queen of the mystery.” – Leah D. Frank, New York Times

Our Cast:

mullingar 1

Outside Mullingar
by John Patrick Shanley
March 17 – April 9, 2017

Directed by Anne McEvoy

Set in the Irish countryside, OUTSIDE MULLINGAR is the charmingly offbeat tale of Anthony & Rosemary, a couple of introverted neighbors who haven’t quite found themselves… let alone each other. Equally stubborn misfits straddling 40, their families have some prickly issues of their own. With thorny layers of domestic loyalty and awkward misgivings about love, OUTSIDE MULLINGAR is as surprising as it is irresistible. It was written by Pulitzer and Tony-award-winning John Patrick Shanley, best known for his play/film Doubt: A Parable and the screenplay for Moonstruck.

“Outside Mullingar is a valentine to the wonder and weirdness of love.” – NY Daily News

Our Cast:

from Christine Howey at Cleveland Scene Magazine:  Rural Irish Folks Look For Happiness in the Sweet, Captivating ‘Outside Mullingar’ 
by Mark Horning: “These four superb actors bring the color and texture of the written characters to life. After allowing for the brogue to clear, it is easy to pick up on the accents and understand the wonderful humor mixed with pathos.”  FULL REVIEW:

incorruptible 1Incorruptible
by Michael Hollinger
May 12 – June 4, 2017

Directed by Tyson D. Rand

Welcome to Priseaux, France, c. 1250 A.D. The Dark Ages are pretty dark for the monks of Saint Foy who haven’t worked a miracle in 13 years until a one-eyed minstrel teaches them a new way to pay old debts. A fun, gentle rib-poking look at how we humans gleefully twist our convictions to rationalize our bad behavior.

“A farcical romp, scintillating and irreverent.” – Philadelphia Weekly

Our Cast:

photos by Terry Schordock

A little chat with INCORRUPTIBLE director Tyson Douglas Rand. Have a look!